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Personality Exploration: Insights from the Field, Cube, Ladder, Horse, and Flower Test

I attended a meditation event a few weeks ago and made a new friend. Today, my new friend and I went out to lunch. It was enjoyable to get to know her, but at times, I sensed her hesitation and mild discomfort. I realized I had been asking her a lot of questions, so it's no wonder she was a bit reserved! People fascinate me, and engaging in conversation often feels like delving into the pages of a new book!

Conversing is an intricate dance of balance and skill, requiring attention to various nuances. It's akin to a dance with a partner—when both excel at sharing and listening, the interaction can be enjoyable. However, there are moments when one party might be a bit overpowering, potentially causing discomfort for the other. Effective communication is not solely about conversational style; it is significantly influenced by the personality traits exhibited.

There are numerous personality tests available to gain insights into yourself, friends, and significant others. Today, let's explore 'The Cube Personality Test.' Follow the steps below, jot down your answers, and we'll provide you with the results at the end of the exercise!

  1. Think of an open field. – How big is this field? What is it filled with? What are the surroundings like?

  2. Think of a cube. – How big is the cube? What is it made of, and what is the surface like? What color is it? Where in the field is it? Where is the cube (e.g., on the ground, floating, etc.)? Is it transparent? If so, can you see inside?

  3. Think of a ladder. – How long is this ladder, and where is it located in your field? What's the distance between the ladder and the cube?

  4. Think of a horse. – What color is the horse? What is the horse doing, and where is it in relation to your cube?

  5. Think of flowers. – Where are the flowers in your field, and how many are there.

  6. Think of what the weather in the field is like. – Is it raining? Sunny? Is your field foggy?

  7. Think of a storm. – What is the distance between the storm and the cube? Is it a big storm? Is it just passing through?

I took this test for the first time at the age of 18 while I was in Poland. It was assigned by my English teacher, who instructed the class to complete it. Allow me to share what I envisioned:

I find myself surrounded by a forest of ancient evergreen trees, reminiscent of an enchanted woodland. Along the road, a small matchbox sits inconspicuously, a regular-sized container against the grandeur of the towering trees. Nearby, a ladder leans against one of the aged trunks. The distance between the matchbox and the ladder is not too short but not too distant, adding to the mystical ambiance.

As I stand in this enchanting setting, a white horse passes by, carrying a knight. The horse leisurely strolls along the dirt road weaving through the woods, with the matchbox placed casually by its side. Meanwhile, vibrant flowers adorn the roadside, and the horse occasionally grazes on the lush vegetation. The weather is pleasant, yet an undertone suggests an approaching storm, adding an element of anticipation to the tranquil scene.

What did you envision? Would you like to know what it all means? Click here – Romeo Antolin explains in his article what each element of the test means:



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